I don’t have a base laid. How do I go about this?

When we carry out your property site survey our project manager will suggest the best option for your concrete base and we can arrange this for you as well. We have some clients who get there own base… this is not a problem with this we will give you a detailed guide for them to simply follow when putting it down.

My old garage needs removing. What should I do?

Around half of our clients need there old garage removed so this is very common. Our team who lay your base can also at a small extra costs remove and prepare the ground for base laying … which means we can take your old garage away off site.

My existing base is not quite level. Will my new garage fit?

Your new garage has a tolerance of approximately half an inch (12mm), on its base. The use of timber wedges will be used by the fitting team to take up any unevenness in the base. If in doubt, contact us for a full explanation.

Is planning consent needed for my new concrete garage?

Usually, No. But there are some cases when we would advise just giving the local planning office a ring to confirm – for example if you are in a conservation area, but in most cases you don’t require it. Give us a call and we can explain

How do i know i will be happy with the concrete garage?

We pride ourselves in the finish and quality of our buildings and offer a full ten year factory guarantee for your peace of mind. (Up & Over doors carry their own guarantee of between 2 and 10 years)

Do you charge for a site survey ?

No, We always recommend giving us a call and asking as many questions as you like and then we can arrange your site survey to confirm everything.